La fabricación digital facilita los procesos de creación artística: Joan Jimenez | ENTES en Superchief Gallery NY

Lima, 29 de febrero 2020.- Tuvimos la oportunidad de apoyar a Joan Jiménez más conocido como ENTES y pudimos comprobar con éxito cómo la tecnología de fabricación digital puede facilitar los procesos de creación artística.
Él estará presentando sus obras en New York este 7 de marzo 2020. Le deseamos ¡muchos éxitos!  

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SAVE THE DATE! March 7th, we are proud to present "The Barrio Hero", a solo exhibition of works by Peruvian artist: ENTES - @entes93 at @SuperchiefGalleryNY 
Joan Jiménez, AKA Entes, is a Lima, Peru-born artist who rose to prominence over the last two decades for his highly expressive murals and paintings.
ENTES is one of Peru’s most highly acclaimed street artists, painting murals around the world and experimenting with both the medium and presentation of graffiti.

For this show, the street art mainstay will transform Superchief's entire NY gallery into a colorful, bombed out portrait of Peru presented as a backdrop with 3d printed busts, a series of foam brick sculptures, as well as mural-transfers replicated through a technique called Strappo.
As he’s developed his practice beyond graffiti and vibrant large scale murals, Entes has begun exploring new techniques that connect the viewer and the places which inspire him. One way he does this is through strappo, a complex process which transfers murals or tags from walls he’s painted onto canvas, while preserving the original. In addition to this, he’s created a series of brick sculptures made from polyurethane foam, and these bricks are the conceptual ground for the exhibit’s theme.

The Barrio Hero will feature a wide array of pieces inspired by the struggle for freedom in Latin America. The show’s title is an homage to people who show courage in the face of adversity, who risk their lives to dismantle corruption, oppression, and injustice. The foam is inspired by the foam couches that shield protestors from riot police, and the bricks for the bricks they throw back in defiance of them.
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