FAB16 Montréal is here!!

FAB16 Montréal | Canada  #Fabricating the Commons

FAB16, the annual international Fab Lab Network conference, brings together members of the fab community, as well as government representatives, academic researchers and experts in the field of digital fabrication, to present, vision, explore, collaborate and create community around digital fabrication, manufacturing, technology and innovation.

This year's conference will be hosted at the beautiful McGill University campus in the center of Montréal. Our conference theme is “Fabricating the Commons”, finding ways to collectively work toward the common good: producing and sharing knowledge and tools, managing resources as commons, working toward a sustainable planet through the lens of digital fabrication, technology development and ecological innovations. 

FAB16 attendees come from the more than 1800 Fab Labs across the world and include: fabbers, eco-friendly designers, artists, teachers, researchers, academics, experts from industry and more.

Throughout the week-long event attendees will participate in hands-on workshops, hear from some of the top researchers in the field, and envision a sustainable future. This year, the conference will culminate with the Fab City Summit, a day for everyone to explore how we can support and become locally productive, globally connected cities and citizens. Of course, the conference will conclude with the Fab Festival weekend, free to everyone and open to the entire Montréal community. Adults and children will discover new technologies, participate in workshops,  learn, play and see demonstrations from Fab Labs around the world.

Visit the website for all of the details you need regarding travel,  registration, participation and more! Go here.

Please note:  July and August are very busy months in Montréal, so be sure to make your reservations and travel plans early, especially for your accommodations. You'll find discounts on airfare and hotels, and good budget accommodation options at McGill University student residences,  all on the Fab16 website.


  • Monday, July 27:
    • FAB Conference Inauguration
    • Evening cocktail reception
  • Tuesday, July 28:
    • FAB Conferences, Workshops and Activities
  • Wednesday, July 29:
    • FAB Conferences, Workshops and Activities
  • Thursday, July 30:
    • FAB Conference, Workshops, Activities
  • Friday, July 31:
    • Fab City Summit
    • Evening social event
  • Saturday, August 1:
    • FAB Festival and Fab City Summit
  • Sunday, August 2:
    • FAB Festival and Fab City Summit


>> Fab16 website

>> Video invitation Fab16 in Montréal 

>> Get your tickets

Source: Newsletter by the Fab Foundation and FAB16 Montréal 

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